The problem is our economy simply doesn't serve people and planet, and no one knows what the hell to do about it. There REALLY IS a climate crisis. And there are crises of poverty, inequality, human rights abuse and more. The human race is on a perilous trajectory. Indeed we face the end of life on the planet as we know it, even extinction.


The solution is a reboot of capitalism. To enable all businesses to compete in a race to the top: to differentiate not only on price and quality, but how much good they can do in the world. By supporting those businesses that commit to transitioning to a sustainable, equitable future, helping them in that journey, and providing them due recognition and reward for their efforts, they will prosper. This will create incentives for others to follow suit. As and when responsibility drives profitability, companies will pile in. And business will realise its incredible potential to make the world a better place.


Responsible 100 envisages a campaign and a movement: we CAN fix capitalism, we must, and together we will. At the same time, we are a business tool. We provide tools and services which enable businesses and organisations to better understand the responsibility challenges they face, which are most urgent, how well they currently respond, and how and when to make improvements.