Join As An Organisation

Note to AS: This is an existing but rarely used field in the CMS

Joining Responsible 100 is the first step on an exciting path.

As a R100 participant, you can review and edit your responses at any time. You can benchmark your performance against other R100 businesses and share your R100 Score and details of your performance with your colleagues, with other R100 orgs only, or publicly via our website if you choose to.

You can register your organisation, create a profile and use our Instant Assessment for free. For greater involvement, there are several options available to suit your requirements and budget. See our fees page for more information.

Benefits of Joining

Joining R100 will give you access to all of our services, which enables you to:

  • Measure your performance on the full range of R100 scorecards
  • Network with a diverse group individuals and organisations
  • Share knowledge and experience and learn from practitioners and experts
  • Gain support from R100 and access to the network
  • Demonstrate your commitment and thought-leadership.

To start this process, register your interest using the form below. You will be able to create your organisation’s profile and explore the Instant Assessment for free right away. The R100 team will be in touch within 2 working days to discuss the best ways to meet your needs and determine how to work together going forward.

If your organisation is already listed, join as an individual using your company email address and the R100 team will add you to the existing account.