Responsible 100

Assessment & Scoring

Scorecards are used to assess the quality of the practices and policies businesses describe in their answers.

The scorecards define four levels of responsible business behaviour:

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Okay
  • Poor

Scorecards are continually tested and revised as more evidence of responsible business activity is gathered and published. Usually, this is through gaining a greater awareness of new practices and policies as more businesses provide answers. In the future, revisions will also be required in response to changes in any relevant laws, market conditions or technology.

Through the operation of Responsible 100, we are building an increasingly detailed picture of the different standards of responsible business practice. This means we can help any business - irrespective of its size, sector or starting point – to determine how well it responds to a wide range of social, environmental and ethical challenges, how it compares to other businesses and how to improve.