Working with Business


Profit Through Ethics offers an entirely new approach, process and platform. We can help any business, irrespective of its size, sector or location, and irrespective of whether it is at the very beginning of its responsibility journey, some way down the track or leading the way.


There are many sound reasons why a business benefits by adopting a responsible approach:

  • Doing so creates positive brand associations for customers and other stakeholders. 
  • It boosts employee morale. 
  • It indicates to investors a keen ability to identify and mitigate risk. 
  • It puts a company on the front foot in regards regulatory trends and likely new laws.
  • It helps a business to improve its capacity for efficiency and innovation.

While, like many other providers, Profit Through Ethics can help businesses achieve these important benefits, our ambitions are bolder.


The combination of opportunity, technology and changing public expectations as to what is, and what is not, acceptable business behaviour is spurring a revolution in business.

The ways in which businesses gain and maintain public licence to operate are changing rapidly. Responsible 100 is not simply offering the means to understand and prepare for this change: it provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with others in defining it.

We expect leading companies to gain recognitition, reward and commercial advantage, by aligning clearly stated ethics and values with their actions. And when this happens, other businesses will be expected to follow suit. We anticipate a paradigm shift, a new definition of 'business as usual', and mass change at scale. While such ideas may be heady or even overwhelming, the Responsible 100 offer could not be more grounded, accessible or achievable.

As a result, it is plain for all to see that participating companies are not playing games or performing some kind of PR stunt. They are proving they are part of the solution and differentiating as businesses that people can trust.