Working with people

Challenging and influencing

People often feel companies are quick to claim to be 'on their side' and responsible yet this rarely reconciles with their actual experiences. This platform is an opportunity for individuals to directly challenge and scrutinise what businesses say and to clearly see how responsible practices are in various areas.

Individuals play an important role of publicly policing the information posted on the Responsible 100 site. Businesses will be disincentivised to lie as they know their responses can be challenged. Individuals also 'keep businesses real,' in other words this is not a sales or promotion site, people will help ensure the conversation is geared toward addressing responsible practice.

People's comments, opinions and expectations are key to positive change in business. Individuals can comment on and rate the answers businesses provide. Aside from scrutinising the information that is already up there, there is also the opportunity to suggest what is missing, in the form of new questions or nominating businesses whose answers they would like to see.

The public can also participate in question and scorecard development through affirming or challenging the scorecards and scores awarded. Public input is crucial here, as to build an increasingly complete and representative picture of responsibility standards we must account for public expectations and opinions. Individuals can also help businesses to be responsible through direct collaboration, whether sharing their ideas, suggestions, views or feedback on adopted practices and policies. When business better understand people's views, they can make better informed, more inclusive, more efficient decisions with regard to their actions and policies. In other words, the opportunity for public input to influence or shape future business decisions makes business more accountable and transparent to people.