Working with Business

Group Meetings

The use of group meetings is another key tool we use throughout the Responsible 100 process to help businesses improve their responsibility practices.

We organise face to face meetings between businesses and CSOs. Attendees may include directors with responsibility for an issue, such as tax or diversity in the workforce, meeting NGOs and campaigners who are experts on the same issue.

As well as being a great opportunity for networking and building partnerships, these meetings offer the chance for constructive and effective discussion. Both business and CSOs are able to better understand various social, environmental and ethical issues as they begin to look at them from diverse and alternative perspectives. 

CSOs or NGOs who are experts in certain fields may also share specialist knowledge which can help businesses to reshape their practices concerning particular issues and can inform business of possible best practices in response to certain issues. This collaboration can also promote idea sharing and innovation which will help businesses adopt more responsible and sustainable practices.

Contact Us if interested in participating in any upcoming meetings.