Responsible 100


The Responsible 100 questionnaire currently contains 43 questions addressing a wide range of social, environmental and ethical issues. The questions are developed to be relevant to any business, regardless of size or sector.

Businesses wishing to participate in Responsible 100 answer the questions. Currently 12 are available to answer with the remainder in development.

Each question is supported by a rationale and definitions which explain how and why the issue examined is important to business and wider society. Additional resources are provided to help businesses seeking more in-depth information on issues. Questions also contain specific answering guidelines which help businesses structure their responses.

These guidelines make it clear the different things that a complete answer is expected to cover. They also help ensure that the answers different participant companies' provide are reasonably comparable.

The Responsible 100 questionnaire has been developed by Profit Through Ethics in conjunction with CSOs, professional bodies, academic experts and businesses. All questions are regularly reviewed and revised.

It is hoped that an ever wider cross section of individuals and organisations will wished to be involved in question development. We welcome the views and opinions of anyone who wishes to shape and improve the Responsible 100 questions and process.