Burberry is a global British luxury brand with heritage in design, innovation and craftsmanship. With the invention of gabardine by Thomas Burberry more than 130 years ago, outerwear has been at the core of the business and remains so today.
The Burberry team consists of over 10,000 employees worldwide. Our Company designs, develops, makes and sells products under the Burberry brand. Product design and development are centred in Burberry’s London headquarters with finished products manufactured at both company owned facilities in the UK and through an external supplier network predominantly located in Europe.
Creative and marketing content and programmes are developed to engage and connect the brand and its products with consumers. Burberry products are sold globally through its stores and online at Burberry.com, as well as through third-party wholesale customers, both instore and online. In a few selected areas, we use the product and distribution expertise of licensing partners.
Burberry has attended two roundtables on Measuring Culture and Cyber Security.