Hazy provides safer, faster and more balanced synthetic data for testing, simulation, machine learning, fintech innovation.

We help companies treat customer data responsibly by providing: A secure data sharing system to enable clients to track and manage who has access to their data; and A facility for built in GDPR compliance- sharing data under GDPR compliant legal agreements with built-in access and audit logs.

Hazy helps companies innovate with their data whilst also treating it responsibly. We do this using transformation new synthetic data generation technology that helps companies unlock data innovation whilst also protecting privacy and security.

Hazy is a UCL AI spin-out backed by top tier investors including Microsoft (M12), Notion, Albion and Amadeus Capital. It was founded in early 2017 by Harry Keen (CEO), James Arthur (CTO) and Dr Luke Robinson (CSO).

Hazy was initially incubated by Post Urban Ventures and the Cylon cyber security accelerator before raising pre-Seed funding led by AI Seed and the UCL Technology Fund. The company has received funding from Innovate and the MoD and is supported by Professor Anthony Finkelstein, the Chief Scientific Adviser for National Security to the UK Government.

In June 2018 Hazy won the $1 million Microsoft Innovate.AI prize for the best AI startup in Europe. This came with investment from M12 and Notion, shortly followed by a Seed funding round with additional investors including Nationwide, Pentland and Amadeus Capital.

Business Vision

Hazy sees a broad cultural shift in the way companies need to use and manage data. It is increasingly critical for companies to innovate with data. However, it is no longer culturally acceptable to play fast and loose with it. Companies in highly regulated sectors like financial services need to balance the need for data innovation with the challenges of responsible data management.