KYOCERA Document Solutions (UK)

One of the world's leading document output management companies, with a UK turnover of around £80 million, KYOCERA Document Solutions (UK) manufactures and markets a range of multifunctional document management products.

All these machines are uniquely designed to combine maximum user value and easy integration into business systems with the minimum environmental impact.

KYOCERA Document Solutions (UK) is a subsidiary of the Kyocera Corporation employing 75,940 people in 231 companies. Each company works to create a sustainable world and make our customers’ lives easier. The fundamental value that underpins Kyocera's mission, vision and philosophy is "To do the right thing as a human being".

Business philosophies and beliefs

Our Corporate Motto: “Respect the Divine and Love People

Our commitment to quality, the environment and you: Since our business was founded 60 years ago, we always strive to work and behave ethically and be transparent in everything we do. Strong business ethics are part of our core philosophy. 

Doing the right thing: We’re committed to giving you the highest quality, most reliable products and services in an environmentally responsible way. We use our international certifications to help us maintain and improve our environmental programs and quality control.

Our accreditations demonstrate our total commitment to you, our supply chain, our partners, customers and the environment. They demonstrate that we aim to do the right thing as human beings – a fundamental part of our company philosophy.