Trades Union Congress

Just as working people are stronger when they act together, so unions are stronger when they join together in the TUC.
The TUC’s job is to:
Support trade unions to grow and thrive, helping them represent their members and keep pace with the changing world of work
Stand up for everyone who works for a living, by publishing research and evidence, and campaigning for changes to the law and in society
Advocate for collective bargaining, trade unionism and putting working people at the heart of our society, economy and politics
Help union members get on in life, through running and managing learning and skills programmes
Our values guide us in all our work. We stand for equality, fairness and justice, and for dignity and respect for all working people. We believe in solidarity: that working people can achieve more acting together than they can do on their own. And we are internationalists, acting with trade unionists around the world to promote working people’s interests.
The TUC has attended one roundtable on Executive Pay.