Us Ai

Us Ai helps organisations get ready for a world powered by smarter, more transparent technology. We do this by training their people, planning data integration points within an organisation, and the creation of people focused products and services using our conversational analysis platform, the "Nexus Ai".

At the very heart of our business is the drive to do better things for society, which is why, for every corporate body that we work with, we also give the Nexus Ai Platform away to an underfunded mental health organisation in the UK.

Us Ai has attended three Responsible 100 roundtables.

Business Vision

We envision a world where Ai amplifies the very best parts of humanity, rather than erodes them.

Over the next few years, we think businesses, charities, social enterprise and government can get dramatically more efficient and affordable through technology. We believe that technology that utilises data can become more human, with less unnecessary pain and wasted time for everyone involved. Companies that use Ai effectively will be able to focus on bringing true value to their customers by allowing their employees to focus more of their time on the customer, rather than the process.

Us Ai are authorities in planning, designing, and prototyping artificial intelligence. We have access to cutting-edge technology and deep domain expertise.

One element of our company philosophy is a sensitivity to the external forces affecting the industry, at a pace that is almost unprecedented in technological terms. Every week a new tool or product emerges that seems to change the narrative around Ai. So we also help our clients stay up to date on fluctuations, trends, ethical concerns, and the need for adjustment to the environment in which the company operates. This is really part of our fact-founded approach because the forces affecting a business are facts—and important ones.