Wilko Retail Ltd. is a British high-street chain which sells homewares and household goods. Founded in 1930 as Wilkinson Cash Stores by James Kemsey Wilkinson in Leicester, the company has remained largely in the hands of the founding family. As a long-established, family-owned retailer, Wilkinsons’ success has come from caring passionately about quality, value and service. We know that these are the things that lie at the heart of being the ‘home of family value’. But we also know that we need to go further. Like any successful business, we know that we have a responsibility to act at all times as a good corporate citizen. This means many things. It means continually reducing our impacts on people and places, communities and the environment, near and far. It means taking positive steps to empower our people to think and act in a responsible and caring way. It means encouraging changes in the way we go about our business to minimise any negative impacts and promote better practices. It means creating a business culture which takes responsibility for its actions and supports a more sustainable solution for everyone we deal with and everything we touch. It means building a sustainable business which puts back at least what it takes out.

Wilko has attended one roundtable on Charitable Giving.