Work For Good

Many of us donate to charity personally. In fact, 43% of UK charities’ income is from individuals. 

But only 2% is from businesses. Work for Good is on a mission to change this by unleashing the collective giving power of the 5.7 million SMEs in the UK.

Work for Good is a platform which builds giving into your day to day work, for the good of both charities and your business. We make it easy to give in whatever way suits you best. The legal and admin hassle has already been taken care of and our friendly team are on hand to help.

Business Vision

Giving back via the day to day of your business is a simple and visible way to link giving to your success.

You are required by law to negotiate a "commercial participation agreement" with the charity or charities you wish to support before you start promoting or talking about your giving publicly.

Unfortunately not all charities are able to do this for smaller businesses, unless the business is able to donate large sums of money. Our platform has solved this and as a member, you can digitally create this legal agreement in seconds with any charity and start making a difference to the causes you care about with no minimum donation amount.