Yoti is a digital identity system that provides a simple and secure way of proving identities, online and face to face. Current identity verification methods are cumbersome, costly and inefficient. Yoti is committed to making identity checking simpler and safer by providing a cost-effective and highly secure solution which can remove fraud, reduce risks and improve the customer experience.

Yoti is a global identity solution that brings a secure standard across 160 countries. Consumers can download Yoti from over 100 app stores worldwide and complete their digital identity using both standard and biometric passports. Worldwide, Yoti verifies identities using 160 passports, 41 Driving Licences and 38 National ID cards.

Our digital identity platform that lets businesses securely verify and authenticate their customers in seconds. Yoti verifies the identity of customers by matching their facial biometrics to government issued photo IDs and lets the business ask their customers for as much or as little information as required.

Yoti also offers businesses biometric, multi-factor authentication to let their customers or staff securely access online systems without usernames and passwords as well as giving them a way of securely accessing physical locations.

Yoti was founded in 2014 and currently has a team of roughly 300 based in London and Chelmsford. New offices are located in Mumbai, in the US and Canada. Yoti launched in November 2017 and since several million users have downloaded the app.